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We know that getting to camp, involves many moving parts, so allow us to help. Use the Planning Guide below, or download our PDF version, to stay on track during the process of getting to camp. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or needs your school may have, including due date extensions, it's our pleasure to serve you.

Step One:
Check Availability

Have your desired dates and projected student count ready, then contact us in any of the following ways to set up a reservation:

(909) 794-2824 x102

Fill out our Availability Form online.

Step Two:
Submit your
Contract & Deposit

Submit your signed contract along with the non-refundable 10% Advanced Deposit to reserve your dates.

Due date for schools attending in

Sept-Dec: May 31st

Due date for schools attending in

Jan-May: September 1st

Step Three:
Spread the Word

Discuss the camp experience and your fundraising needs with your students' parents.

If this is your school's first or second year with us, we'd love to attend your camp PTA meeting to help answer questions and explain what CODES is all about!

Step Four:
Recruit Chaperones

If your school opts out of using CODES’ Cabin Leaders, the school is required to recruit, screen, train, and bring its own in-cabin Chaperones.

Please use our Helpful Hints for training your school Chaperones on their camp responsibilities.

Step Five:
Distribute our Documents

Download the necessary Important Documents from our website and distribute them to parents.

Parents should receive: the Parent Info Packet, General Release Waiver, and Medical Form.

Step Six:
Submit the 25% Payment

Due date for schools attending from Sept-Dec: 30 days prior to camp

Due date for schools attending from

Jan-May: 90 days prior to camp

Remember to use our PO Box 397 for all mail.

Step Seven:
Close Registration

Close registration, collect all General Release Waivers and Medical Forms from your students and submit the Prior to Arrival online form no later than 30 days prior to camp. 

We will use the Prior to Arrival submission to create your Cabin and Trail group rosters and the final bill.

Step Eight:
Complete Health Screening

Download our Health Screening Form. The school nurse must complete this step no more than 24hrs prior to arrival to camp. Individuals (students or adults) cannot attend camp if they have signs or symptoms of a contagious illness/condition. 

Submit these forms to camp upon arrival.

Step Nine:
Arrival Day

Upon arrival, submit the final payment, important documents, and student medications to CODES Admin.

All schools should arrive between 10:30-11am; please notify us of any delays you may experience using (909) 794-2824 x102.

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