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Raise Funds, Raise Awareness


Malawi, also known as The Warm Heart of Africa,  is a small country in the southeastern corner of Africa with roughly 18 million inhabitants. Of these, no less than 50% live well below the world poverty line; this nation has spent decades in a food crisis due to severe drought, extreme flooding, and even agricultural pest outbreaks. Its government declared a State of Emergency in 2016 for these reasons and it, unfortunately, has not yet been lifted. 


The 140+ villages that surround Zomba (the nation's former capital) are home to families of subsistence farmers--men, women, and children whose only source of food is either what they grow themselves or that which they can barter for, a rarity for many.


CODES is fortunate and proud to work with humanitarian organizations with the mission of creating a better future for countries like Malawi by identifying families in need and overseeing the purchase and delivery of food for these families.


We encourage all schools to consider what role they can play in partnering with us to feed the hungry. Schools who choose to contribute funds will have 50% of the amount paid to attend camp go directly to Kids Against Hunger (the food packing organization we use). All contributions and donations are tax deductible.

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Please call us if your school would like to help us, help others!

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