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Transformation that Lasts


This program immerses 7th-8th grade students in a week-long discovery of what it means to "be a leader that others want to follow". Designed to challenge, broaden, and hone in on students' personal definitions of leadership, our program gives students tools to improve self-awareness and develop new skills in the areas of communication, taking the initiative, delegation, servant leadership, and overcoming obstacles like fear and insecurity. We know that each student is unique, and value the strengths and areas for improvement of each one. Through role-playing, team building activities, and personal reflection periods, students are exposed to multiple leadership styles and skills allowing each to choose the type of leader they want to be. 

We love to hear about the topics, mottos, or curriculum your class has been focusing on, in addition to those which you would like introduced at camp. So, feel free to contact us if you would like to make changes to our typical schedule for Leadership Camp; we also welcome those schools that want to supplement camp with their own programming.

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Students will participate in games, challenges, and puzzles that they must solve as a group by learning the principles of: effective communication and delegation to reach a common goal; taking the Initiative and cooperation; and how to maximize their strengths and embrace their weaknesses.


Students will meet our live animal collection and learn the importance of vision, using the right tools for the job, self-control, self-confidence, drive, and ambition as Leadership is demonstrated Through Nature


My how the wilderness changes once the sun goes down! This class teaches students how to acknowledge and overcome different fears that manifest in leadership positions, such as the fear of confrontation, rejection, and the unknown. Leadership After Dark maintains that a leader's work is never finished, quality character never rests.


Through team-building challenges, trust exercises, and the opportunity to climb to the top of our 40ft Rock Wall, this class impresses upon students the principles of goal-setting, the importance and value of encouragement/lifting others up, and how to utilize The Scientific Method as a real-world problem-solving tool.


Through friendly competition, student teams will elect a leader and compete to stay alive by building shelters, procuring food and water, creating fire, and orienteering. This class cultivates students' critical thinking skills and promotes cooperation and leadership in a (hypothetical) crisis as they demonstrate how to Live to Lead.


Our Extended Hike, is exactly what is sounds like: a 6-hr exploratory hike through the San Bernardino National Forest. Students will be stretched physically and mentally as they practice leadership principles through gamification and group-task scenarios while stopping to admire the views of the San Gorgonio mountain range, crossing Frog Creek, and dining picnic lunch style on the banks of the man-made wonder, Jenks Lake.

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