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Focused on the Next Generation


To create a lifelong passion for learning through experiential education in the natural environment.

CODES is not merely an outdoor science program, but an outdoor education program. All elements of the student experience are intentionally designed to benefit the participants in a holistic manner. Through our "challenge by choice" model students drive their own physical, emotional, and academic growth.

Transforming Attitudes and Actions



To promote community and be intentionally relational. We model servant leadership, kindness, and inclusivity to all. 

To foster teamwork and self-confidence in the student body. Through the camp experience and the challenges therein we encourage students to sustain personal improvements and new skills that extend beyond a student's stay and beyond the classroom. 

To encourage respect. Chivalry and selflessness are not dead; they thrive and are practiced daily.

To endorse environmental awareness and stewardship. We emphasize students' role as environmental stewards and the importance of being cognizant of their impact on the world around them. 


To create science literacy. We are committed to exceeding standard curriculum requirements, striving to expand students' scientific vocabulary and mastery of subjects applicable and complementary to their current school work. 

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