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Camp Fire at Night


Hear what schools are saying about CODES!

Teachers' Reviews



"CODES is amazing! They ensure the kids have a wonderful time in all circumstances. It was pouring rain and the kids were still all smiles and enjoying every minute!"

-5th Grade Teacher, 2019

“The CODES program is one of a kind. [Staff] go out of their way to make sure your campers are well taken care of. The outdoor education program allows students to engage in hands-on activities while learning. The food is exceptional. I highly recommend CODES to all schools.”


-6th Grade Teacher


"The CODES program is an excellent supplement to the classroom instruction. True scientists need the full experience and hands-on training. All of the time and effort put into fundraising, collecting forms and dealing with parents is worth it!"

-6th Grade Teacher

"I loved that the staff incorporated our 212 degree motto into their lessons...the staff did an amazing job connecting with our kids!"

-7/8th Grade Teacher, 2019

"CODES provides a great program that encourages kids to really engage in their learning. They get an opportunity to learn hands-on and be outside in nature. They will relish their time at camp. Students will get a chance to make new friendships and memories!"

-5th Grade Teacher

"I truly enjoyed seeing the confidence of each student grow as the week went on. The staff took the time to work with them individually and as a group to help them build confidence, happiness, self-esteem, and character in themselves."

-7/8th Grade Teacher

"This is the best program all-around that I have ever been a part of. I felt that my students were safe, having fun and learning all the time!"

-6th Grade Teacher

“I’ve been to 14 science camps and this one is by far, the best! Exceptional in every way! The staff are amazing in dealing with and engaging students in positive ways so that they behave well and have a great time the entire trip.”

-5th Grade Teacher

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