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From Guest Groups to Student Groups


Mile High Pines was originally founded in 1945 and operated as a guest group and recreational retreat facility for many decades, offering guests the opportunity to enjoy our mountainside venue and activities through their own programming. However, in 1998, Gabriel Valencia assumed the position of Executive Director, and brought his vision to begin an outdoor science school that would allow camp to offer it's own unique program to introduce children to the visible wonders of nature.

In the summer of 2012, Dr. Rick Oliver, founder of the Mount Hermon Outdoor Science School in northern California, and Cassie Van Setten (the inaugural Outdoor Education Mgr.) collaborated to construct a brand-new outdoor education curriculum specific-

ally designed for the natural environment found in the San Bernardino

National Forest.

The program now known as CODES was launched in 2013 with only a single school in attendance. Since expanding to over thirty schools annually, we are thankful to each and every one who has partnered with us to make the camp experience attainable for as many students as possible. As an elementary-aged student from Boyle Heights, Los Angeles who could not afford to attend camp, our Exec. Director had the trajectory of his life changed forever by a teacher that was willing to pay out of pocket for him. CODES is many things, including an opportunity for us to pay it forward and assist teachers and administrators in their efforts to give students the very brightest futures!

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