Where Staff are Family, and Guests are Friends


We commit to exceeding the curriculum standards in all of our classes in addition to providing students with high quality teaching personnel, innovative educational methods and tools, and opportunities to experience the natural environment in ways that foster curiosity and lifelong learning. School groups will experience top quality staff that show patience, attentiveness, and compassion.


Our team prioritizes child safety and is thoroughly trained in their duties as mandated reporters as well as being members of our medical response team. Team members are certified in various levels of First Aid and are vigilant in their surveillance of behaviors or incidents indicative of concern.​

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Opportunities for Growth and Fun


It is our goal to maintain CODES' identity as a safe haven where creativity, critical thinking and personal achievement are explored, encouraged and celebrated. We encourage students to try new things and to not be defined by the labels that may have restricted them in the past, at home, or in a traditional school setting. At camp the option to choose fun and make memories is open to all!

A Holistic Approach


We believe that camp should not only be a time for new experiences, fun, and finding our inspiration for learning, but also a time to understand and to practice building one's character. The number of unique opportunities that students have to step outside of their comfort zone and to throw off old habits is infinite and we challenge students to do at camp. Character cannot be bought, it must be built one decision at a time.

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