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Extending Our Reach


We are dedicated to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to attend camp by offering affordable prices as well as discounts and scholarships. Remember, all dates are first come, first served, so please inquire early to secure your reservation and to join the fastest growing outdoor science and leadership camp in Southern California!




Eligibility for the CODES Grant* is based on your school's Free and Reduced Meal Plan (FRMP) percentage for the current school year. 


Schools with an FRMP of 80%-90% are considered "high poverty" and may be awarded grant funds in the value of one (1) free student for every twenty (20) students that attend camp. 

Schools with an FRMP of >90% are considered "highest poverty" and may be awarded grant funds in the value of one (1) free student for every fifteen (15) students that attend camp.

If your school qualifies and would like to apply for the CODES Grant, please let us know at the time of reservation, so we can get you started on the application process. 

*Grants are limited and not all schools, even if they meet requirements, will be awarded funds.
Grant monies will be reflected in the final balance invoice due prior to or  upon arrival and are not applicable to Advanced Deposits. 



Four (4) reasons why September - November is the perfect time to reserve a 1-Day Field Trip: 


1. Set the tone. Start the year off by encouraging students to choose fun, make new friendships at the beginning of the school year, think outside the box, and to be inquisitive. Select our team-building track to help create camaraderie in the classroom. 

2. Canoeing. Always a huge hit for students and teachers alike, this seasonal activity is available in May, September, and October only and is subject to US Forestry operating restrictions.

3. Nature shows off and the weather is warm! With the wildflowers still in bloom, the changing of the leaves, and the last melodies of our migratory birds still in the air, enjoy the beautiful canvas the mountains paint.

4. Discounts! Reserve a Fall date now and receive a 10% discount!




Know a school, teacher, administrator, or district that's looking to bring the Science Camp experience to their students? How about someone who's looking to change things up with a new program?

When you recommend the CODES program to another school that results in a reservation, you BOTH save 10% (up to $1,000). Just remember to have the new school mention you as a referral either over the phone or via email during the reservation process. Both schools must have a current reservation for the same season in order to receive the discount.


Mile High Ministries reserves the right to change or remove any of these offerings at any time. Only one discount may be applied per school, whether it's by reserving dates in our Fall season, through our school referral program, or by receiving our CODES Grant.

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