For Teachers, Chaperones, Aides, and other School Representatives.


Policies & Procedures

Alcohol & Tobacco Use

Alcohol use or the possession thereof is strictly prohibited on campus and grounds for dismissal. All school representatives must be prepared to assist their students at all times of the day and night. CODES reserves the right to take action including involving school administration if Teachers, Chaperones, or Aides are found with alcohol in their lodgings, rooms, or on-site for any reason. Smoking is not encouraged but is permitted by guests in designated smoking areas only; this includes vaping. Any product that produces an ember must be extinguished completely and discarded in an outdoor trash can.

Camp Rules

Please prepare your students in advance with knowledge of the following camp rules:

  1. No fighting or stealing. Outside of camp, these behaviors can result in criminal charges and are grounds for immediate dismissal.
  2. No pranks or bullying. We have zero tolerance for bullying, pranking, telling scary stories, or scaring others during night activities; such infractions are grounds for immediate dismissal.
  3. No bad touch. Aggressive or romantic touch is strictly prohibited. High fives, fist bumps, and short side hugs are examples of acceptable ways of showing affiliation at camp.
  4. Stay in boundaries. Our campus has areas that are off limits to students, they should always remain within these boundaries unless in class with their Naturalist.
  5. Stay in your own cabin. There should NEVER be a male student in a female cabin or vice versa. Adults of the opposite gender may only enter opposite-gender cabins if the cabin is unoccupied. No exceptions.
  6. Listen to your leaders. Always exercise respect and courtesy to all leaders.
  7. HAVE PHUN! Students get to choose to either have fun at camp or to be "too cool for school", help us to encourage the former.

Discipline: The 5 Step System

School representatives are responsible for assisting with disciplining students including calling parents to arrange a pickup for misbehavior, waiting with a student that is being sent home, and supervising "Time Outs" during Rec Time. In all instances of discipline, staff abide by our 5 Step System:

  1. Give a clear verbal warning; use the student's name, describe the improper behavior.
  2. Give a 5 min Time Out (TO).
  3. Increase TO to 10 min.
  4. Increase TO to 15 min.
  5. If the behavior continues, CODES Admin will consult with the Lead Teacher to discuss consequences that extend beyond camp or to send the student home.
We DO NOT send students home without consulting teachers first.


In the event of an emergency that requires evacuation, it is the Lead Teacher's responsibility to have an updated student roster in hand to verify that all students are present before, during, and after the evacuation begins. In the event of a medical emergency that requires an ambulance or emergency transport, one (1) school representative is required to ride with the student to the hospital, and another will follow the EMS transport to the hospital using his/her personal vehicle on campus. Those individuals that go to the hospital with a student should stay with the student until his/her parent or guardian arrives at the hospital.

Illnesses & Injuries

Our certified First Aid team will respond to illnesses and injuries on-site. Students are permitted to miss one (1) class due to illness/injury. However, if they are not recuperated before the start of the second class since falling ill or getting injured, a school representative is responsible for coordinating a parent pickup. Just as importantly, school representatives are responsible for waiting with a student that cannot attend class due to illness or injury, or one that is waiting for a parent pickup, including overnight. If a student needs to be quarantined or requires a late night pickup, Room A of Summit Lodge will be used for this purpose. Please note, the Medical Monitor may call parents to discuss care that is beyond First Aid. If you wish to be present during these phone calls, please let us know.



We ask schools to be the liaison between CODES and parents by communicating before, during, and after the camp experience with parents. Phone calls to or from home are not permitted unless there is an emergency. Be sure to distribute the most up-to-date versions of all required forms to parents well in advance so they can be submitted to camp on time.

School-Provided Chaperones & Aides

For schools opting to bring their own Chaperones or Aides: It is the school's responsibility to properly background check, screen, and prepare all adults with knowledge of their responsibilities and camp's expectations of them while attending camp. It is the Lead Teacher's responsibility to supervise and discipline the behavior of all adults attending camp, including sending a Chaperone or Aide home if he/she breaches policy (camp's or the school's), becomes harmful to, or inhibits the CODES program.


Classes & Hikes

School representatives are encouraged (and sometimes required) to attend classes and hikes, which are unique to each Naturalist. If you have physical restraints that limit your mobility or desire to hike remember that some classes are more accessible than others. Otherwise, we hope you can enjoy a well-deserved break.

Bringing a Personal Vehicle

Remember, schools are REQUIRED to bring at least one personal vehicle to camp, for emergency purposes. No exceptions. The vehicle must remain on campus for the duration of the school's stay should an emergency arise. This means that the vehicle owner may not leave camp early for the same reason. Additionally, a minimum of two (2) school representatives must attend camp with their school.

Student Mail

Parents should send mail a week in advance or with school representatives to ensure it arrives on time. All mail should be distributed at breakfast and lunch only. Letters and packages can be sent to: CODES at Mile High Pines ATTN: Student Name, School PO Box 397 Angelus Oaks, CA 92305


Adult meal options as well as dietary and food allergy accomodations are provided by our Food Service Team. Remember to report all student dietary restrictions and food allergies to CODES using the Prior to Arrival form. Please be as thorough as possible.


At least one (1) school representative is required to attend all meetings. Tues: 11am in the Dining Hall, medicine check-in, orientation, campus tour Tues: 6.45pm in the Dining Hall, Meet-n-Greet and Q & A Wed: 6.45pm in the Pine Center, Teacher-Led meeting Fri: 10.15am in the Dining Hall, evaluation & reservation renewal Daily: 4.50pm in HQ (Medical Monitor station), medical debrief of the day's incidents

Cabin Awards

During your school's stay, students will work to receive Cabin Awards. Recipients will be dismissed to meals and Rec Time first all day, and net their school 10pts/award. The Quiet Cabin Award is awarded to cabins that are silent and have all of their lights off at the time of the daily "Lights Out" check (9.45pm or 10pm depending on grade level). The Clean Cabin Award is awarded to cabins that have all beds made, all luggage properly stowed underneath bunks, and a tidy restroom. Cabins are inspected during class or Rec Time.

Recreation Time

School representatives may be asked to roam or supervise certain Rec Time activities to promote student safety and compliance with camp rules. As Time Outs are also occurring during this period, you may be asked to facilitate these as well.

Snacks & Beverages

School representatives staying in VIP housing (Summit Lodge or Shepherd's Rest) are welcome to bring snacks and beverages with them to camp and store them in the provided kitchenette areas. However, please help us to keep these lodgings in tip top shape by refraining from bringing these items into the bedrooms, with the exception of water.

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