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Camp Rules & Expectations

At camp, as it is in life, there are rules in place to create an atmosphere of safety, equality and fun all. In essence, camp is school. Therefore, what is prohibited at school, is prohibited at camp.


 CODES staff uses a 5-Step System for redirecting and disciplining inappropriate/unacceptable behavior while adhering to our core responsibility of being patient, encouraging, and gracious with every student.

The following violations are grounds for immediate dismissal: 

1. Fighting or Stealing

2. Any activity that is inherently dangerous to self or others

3. Outright defiance 

4. Intentionally destroying property

5. Cabin raiding, pranks, or bullying

6. Unauthorized leaving of cabins or entering cabins of the opposite gender

7. Other behaviors at the discretion of the CODES Admin Staff in conjunction with teachers


The 5-Step System:

1. Give a clear verbal warning. ("John, you know we do not throw sticks. This is your first warning.") 

2. If the behavior persists, they've earned a 5 min TO.

3. If the behavior persists, the TO increases to 10 min.

4. If the behavior persists, the TO increases to 15 min.

5. If the behavior persists, after a student has grossed a 15 min TO, CODES Staff are obligated to involve CODES Admin Staff and teachers which may result in a call home, dismissal from camp, and/or consequences at school.