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Single Day Science Camp 

3rd - 8th Grade Classes 
Tuesday & Wednesday, September-December 
Classes of 16 or more to participate  

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9:30-10am: Arrive at camp, head to the amphitheater for silly songs and a time to get loose in prep for the awesome day ahead! 

10-10:30am: Orientation and Exploration Group assignments.

10:30am-12:30pm: Exploration Track #1

12:30-1:15pm: Lunchtime at the amphitheater. Hang out with friends, play a group game. 

1:15-3:15pm: Exploration Track #2

3:15pm: Load the bus and head home.

Exploration Tracks:

Our Naturalists will immerse your students in fun, interactive classes designed to enhance their science literacy and to promote teamwork and leadership skills. Teachers may choose any 2 of the Exploration Tracks below for a Single Day Science Camp. 

Rock Climbing (3rd-8th grade)

Students learn the basics of rock climbing and adventure element safety as they scale our 40ft climbing tower. Additionally, they will discuss and carry out real world applications of goal-setting, stepping out of your comfort zone, the power of encouragement and in trusting others.  

Team Building & Leadership (3rd-8th grade)

Start your school-year off by building confidence, teamwork and strong relationships among your students with this track. Students learn how to use critical thinking to solve real-world problems, how to communicate effectively and build leadership qualities that will last a lifetime.


Archery (3rd-8th grade)

An activity that dates back to the Stone Age, we offer archery instruction and the opportunity for students to learn the basics of this unique skill and sport. See your students gain confidence as they learn about the history of archery and the proper techniques for improving their abilities. 

Wilderness Survival (3rd-8th grade)

There's no better setting than our National Forest to learn about the tenets of wilderness survival. Students will practice survival techniques such as water collection, shelter building, fire starting, navigation, and foraging strategies. Note: This course has a great deal of content, so please indicate which topical areas you'd like our Naturalists to focus on. 

Ecosystems (3rd-6th grade)

Being situated in the heart of the San Bernardino National Forest allows us to offer students a close-up look at the diversity of ecosystems that coexist here. Through discussions about environmental stewardship, interdependence, and the fascinating system of checks and balances that govern ecosystems students will walk away with a newfound appreciation for the natural beauty and landscapes around them.

Producers (3rd-6th grade)

Tree ID, anatomy, seed dispersal...oh my! These topics and many more will have your students excited to share what they've learned about the impressive trees that call our forest their home. Students will get a chance to meet our resident Cedar-Sequoia hybrid: the Tarzan Tree, and even collect biofacts to take home and show to friends and family. 

Program Details: 

Student Price = $31 per student (+$9 per student for a hot lunch served by our Kitchen Team)

Chaperone Price* = 1 free Chaperone per Exploration Group, $11 per additional Chaperones

*1 Chaperone per Exploration Group (12-20 students) is required, however we suggest a Chaperone to student ratio of 1:10. 

Packing List: 

Students should bring...

1) Lunch, unless you've opted for lunch to be provided. 

2) A notebook and multiple writing utensils.

3) A water bottle (16oz or larger).

4) Chapstick.

5) A backpack.

6) A camera not a cell phone.

Students should NOT bring...

1) Phones or other electronic devices (including Apple watches)

2) Weapons of any kind.

3) Matches or lighters.

4) Any other item that is banned/prohibited at school. 

Don't see a class listed that you'd like to sign up for? 

Calls us to talk about tailoring a course to better suit your group's needs.