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In 1998, Gabriel Valencia assumed the position of Executive Director of Mile High Pines, and brought with him a vision to begin an Outdoor Science School (OSS) that would introduce children to the visible wonders of nature. In the summer of 2012, with the go ahead secured from our Board of Directors, Dr. Rick Oliver (Ph.D. Biology), founder of the Mount Hermon Science Program which launched in 1993, was brought on board to help with the task of constructing a brand-new outdoor education curriculum specifically designed for the unique natural environment found in the San Bernardino National Forest. The program now known as CODES was launched in 2013.


CODES is designed to provide 5th-6th grade students with experiential learning opportunities in the numerous specialties found within the life sciences and the biological sciences.

By creating unique lesson plans based on the CA Next Generation Science Standards, and on information from our schools' teachers describing their students' current curriculum progress, our Naturalists are trained and able to engage students in classes and activities that bring formal classroom lessons to life through hands-on outdoor experiences. 


For our 7th-8th grade students, we offer a Leadership program designed to challenge and broaden students' definitions of leadership and the character traits that designate strong leaders, as well as to offer students tools to improve themselves in the areas of: communication, taking the initiative, delegation, servant leadership, and overcoming obstacles like fear and insecurity.


We believe that camp should not only be a time for new experiences, fun, and finding our inspiration for learning, but also a time to understand and to practice building one's character. The number of unique opportunities that students have to step outside of their comfort zone and to throw off old habits is great, and something that every staff member will challenge students to do, as character cannot be bought, it must be built one decision at a time.


It is our goal to maintain CODES' identity as a safe haven where creativity, critical thinking and personal achievement are explored, encouraged and celebrated. We will encourage all students to try new things and to not be defined by the labels that may have restricted them in the past, at home, or in a traditional school setting.

CODES' Mission:
"To create a lifelong passion for learning through experiential education in the natural environment."
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  O ut
    D oor
      E ducation and
        S cience School


We commit to meeting and exceeding the Next Generation Science Standards in all of our classes in addition to providing students with high quality teaching personnel, innovative educational methods and tools, and opportunities to experience the natural environment in ways that foster curiosity and life-long learning. School groups will experience top quality staff that show patience, attentiveness, and compassion for their students and the adults that accompany them. 



Last but certainly not least, we work hard to create a balance of outdoor education experiences and camp fun. Whether it's through our interactive elements in nature's classroom or through more traditional camp pastimes like archery, arts and crafts, rock climbing, skit nights or team building activities, we offer students and adults alike the chance to make memories and to choose fun!